Notre Dame Elementary Parent Partnership Association Fundraising

2020/2021 Executive:

  • President, Lea Cousins
  • Vice President, Leanne Rondeau
  • Secretary, Stephanie Upham
  • Treasurer, Mary Ann Wood
  • Directors, Natasha Miller, Heidi Martindale, Ashley Best, Erin Dallaire.



Year-Round Fundraisers

Bottle Collection
Help us all year round with fundraising by donating your cans and bottles to our school when you visit the Bottle Depot.

Boston Pizza Receipts
Send in your Boston Pizza receipts with your child(ren). We collect them and then submit to receive 5% of the total back to the school.


2022-2023 PPA AGM

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School Council AGM 2022-2023

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PPA Agenda April 2022

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PPA Agenda March 2022

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December 2021 School Council Agenda

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December 2021 School Council Minutes

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January 2022 School Council Agenda

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