Notre Dame Elementary School Activities & Events

Jump Rope for Heart

All students in grades K-4 participate in the Jump Rope for Heart event. Those students who are given parental permission fundraise to collect money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The whole school participates in the main event. The students rotate through various stations performing fun skipping/jumping activities for 30 minutes. A great time is always had by all!

Terry Fox Run

All students in grades K-4 participate in the annual Terry Fox Run. Each class do their runs around the track during their scheduled P.E. times.  Students and staff are asked to donated towards the Terry Fox Foundation.

School concerts

Our school performs a Christmas concert for a packed school gym filled with proud parents, grandparents, family and friends. The performances are held in the afternoon and evening. This allows our school to watch the performances and allow family and friends from around the world to view the broadcast shows. Many hard-working hours are put into the concerts by the students and school staff.

Field Day

To end our school year, we all participate in a “Field Day” by rotating through many exciting stations such as parachutes games, various fun water stations, obstacle courses and many more. It is a great way to enjoy each other while playing fun activities.